The Most Common Escort Services Offered

                    The Most Common Escort Services Offered

There are so many various services that can be offered by escorts, ranging from sexual to non-sexual ones. However, the majority of clients always tend to have a few tastes and preferences in common, making some services more popular than others. The following are some of the services that a majority of escorts always find themselves providing;


The Classic Appetizer: Oral Sex

While it may or may not be considered an act complete in itself, blow jobs have received great rep over the years, with many men looking forward to a session of getting swallowed whole before embarking on the real journey. Oral sex in itself is a highly satisfying act, and its versatility allows it to be incorporated into any play. More often than not, a client may need the feel of a warm wet mouth to achieve an erection that will ensure their peak performance. Other times, especially in a homosexual or trans scene, the client may derive his/her own pleasure by giving the escort the blow job. There are no rules to the game, and no roles are set in stone. As an escort, whether a veteran or a newbie, make sure that you have mastered the art of suppressing gag reflex. This will be a skill that will come in handy throughout your career, as requests for oral sex will be high up in the list of most performed services.


Let’s Go In Through the Backdoor: Anal Sex

There is widespread acceptance of anal sex in the society today. However, since time immemorial it has been well noted that many people have been indulging in this act. There will be clients who will be looking for a first time experience while there may be those who have a deep fetish for anal sex. Whether it is pure simple play like rimming, or hardcore toy play, expecting some form of anal play request is a realistic idea. It is therefore advised that as an escort, you ensure that you verbalize your limits so as to sufficiently satisfy your clients. Anal sex is a powerful orgasmic experience for men on the receiving end, so you should not be surprised when you find yourself being the top. Anal sex requires open and honest communication and this will be a fundamental aspect in making sure that the session is wildly successful and intensely satisfying.


The Whole Nine Yards: Date Night

There is a misconception that escorts are only hired when a client needs sexual services. However, there are those that are really looking for human connection, and escorts are their best bet at ensuring they will get the much needed feeling. The client thereby sets up an elaborate dinner with drinks, with some even adding in an event, and they spend the paid hours just enjoying the companionship. Some even need the feel of a real girlfriend and boyfriend experience and orchestrate a whole setting to feel wanted and appreciated. It is not uncommon for an escort to attend an outcall and find that all the client wants is someone to cuddle and talk to.

In countries where prostitution is illegal, clients only make payment for the companionship and/or date, and if it develops further than that it is considered as an agreement between the escort and the client, not the agency. Escorts are a blessing to those experiencing intense loneliness as for a few hours they get to be the most important person to the escort, alleviating the client’s loneliness.


Let’s Play A Game: Role Play

It is fairly common for a client to be thinking about someone else when they are with an escort. In some cases, the client chooses a particular escort because they are a dead-ringer for someone else. The client’s request may require to escort to dress in a certain way, fulfilling a fantasy. In other cases, role play is the only way a client is able to get out of his shell and perform, therefore it is an absolute requirement that the escort plays along. Depending on the client, the games may range from simple ones to highly complex ones. This is usually determined by the client and the pay differs, becoming higher with every specialized request which is more time consuming and elaborate. While some escorts never get such clients, others have a recurring client whose taste and preference is deeply rooted in this ideal fantasy world. There are no limits to the direction the role play may take, and it is up to you as an escort to define and stick to your boundaries.


Tie Me Down: Bondage

Bondage is a popular service, as it has a great diversity of options ranging to mild to outright kinky. The feeling of having someone under your power is the greatest motivation behind bondage, although sometimes it is just a quick tie using a tie. While bondage in its mild form is entirely harmless, there still needs to be communication regarding getting out of the constraints. Since it puts the escort completely at the mercy of the client, bondage should be approached with caution, and contingencies should always be set in place in case the worst case scenario happens. Materials to be used (for example rope, handcuffs, ties, etc), types of knots (some are too complex to untie if you have no experience), bondage type (suspended, arms at the back, full body bondage, etc) and length of time (important due to circulation issues) are all details that shouldn’t be overlooked during communication. It may be a popular service, but ignorance may lead to serious injury.


Quick Hump and Hop: Vanilla Sex

This is definitely the most common service. Most clients are looking for an itch to scratch, and an escort service is a great way to have the need satisfied. Whether it is an incall or outcall, these sessions are usually quick, lasting up to an hour on average. The service is usually straightforward and rarely has anything memorable happening. This is the service that most people think of when they hear the words escort or prostitution and for the most part they are right, even though this is just the tip of the escort service iceberg!

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